Welcome to the Circle Game

What is the Circle Game?

The circle game is a phenomenal game created for persons of all ages. One person throws up a circle with his/her hand below his/her waist, and if your opponent looks at it, then the thrower gets to punch the opponent in the arm. It is, however, not uncommon to play for bragging rights, and not partake in the punching. There are a few more details, which can be found in the rules section. House Rules are also permitted.




The Circle Game in and of itself is a very simple game. Some of the rules may be modified to fit your personal style of gameplay, but to preserve the integrity of the game, it is best to adhere to the following rules.

The following terms shall be used: Rules (Throwing):
  1. Circles must be formed using the index-finger and thumb.
  2. Circles must be thrown BELOW the waist of the thrower.
  3. Circles may be thrown in pairs (both hands may throw a circle for double the punches/points).
  4. Nothing may obstruct the circle.
  5. Floating circles are allowed (a circle that is thrown without anything behind it). This rule is generally adjusted based upon the house rules.
  6. Circles MAY NOT be thrown into an opponent's line-of-sight. Meaning, you must throw your circle, and tempt someone to look at it...not tempt someone to look, and then insert your circle. This is misleading, and will lower your Circle Game credibility.
  7. Long distance circles are often debated. It is generally advised to only consider long distance circles as being for the good of the sport, and not count them officially due to the line-of-sight issue associated with long distances.
Winning: If the opponent looks directly at the circle (peripheral view does not count) he/she has lost. This game depends on the honesty of the individuals participating. Those who lie about looking are known to be ostracized...after all, you are merely cheating yourself out of a fantastic gaming experience.

Delivering Punches (opponent lost):
  1. When the opponent looks at the circle, the thrower may punch the opponent in the arm ONCE if one circle was thrown, or TWICE if two circles were thrown. (Both circles must have been thrown in close proximity of one another, OR both must have been looked at).
  2. The thrower must perform a backhanded wipe after each punch. If the thrower does not perform the backhanded wipe, the opponent may punch the thrower in the arm as a consequence of his/her negligence. ...after all, this is a Gentleman's game.
Avoiding a Circle (nullify it):
  1. DO NOT LOOK. Simply avoid the circle and wait for the thrower to realize he/she has more important things to do.
  2. Use anti-circle eyewear (scroll down for example). Using anti-circle eyewear will nullify the circle, and the thrower must deactivate (retract) all active circles.

    Anti-Circle Goggles

    Anti-Circle Monocle (house rule)

    Anti-Circle Spyglass (house rule)
  3. No punches are delivered by either party.
Defeating a Circle (break a circle):
  1. The opponent may fight back by poking and breaking the circle.
  2. The opponent must not look at the circle in this process...peripheral vision must be exercised.
  3. The circle must be broken (index finger no longer touches thumb)...the best strategy is to use the "hook & pull" method (see below).

    "hook & pull" method.

  4. The opponent is permitted to punch the thrower in the arm for each circle broken.
  5. The backhand wipe is still required after each punch.
  6. If the thrower catches the opponent's finger when the opponent is attempting to break the circle, then the thrower gets to deliver two punches. Again, the backhand wipe is still required after each punch.
    • A "catch" is described as anything that catches the opponent's finger from withdrawing their finger from the circle momentarily. In an attempt to break the circle.
Delivering Punches (clarification):
  1. A punch is to be delivered on the arm (OF THE PUNCHEE'S CHOOSING) when an opponent directly looks at a circle or the opponent successfully breaks a circle.
  2. After each punch, the puncher must apply a backhanded wipe of the area punched.
  3. Failure of the puncher to apply the backhanded wipe permits the punchee to strike the puncher in the arm due to the puncher's blatant negligence.
False Hits:
  1. A false hit is described as any hit (punch) delivered when there is not an official circle sighting or successful poke. Basically, an unjustified hit. The guilty party receives double the false hits he/she delivered.
    • Common reasons for false hits include:
      1. Confusion
      2. Stupidity
      3. Retaliation
Popular House Rules:
  1. In addition to anti-circle goggles, an anti-circle monocle, the one handed variant of the anti-circle goggles, may be used (see below for example). Due to the convenience of the monocle's use, the player using the monocle must say aloud the word "Govnuh" (Governor, pronounced using the Queen's tongue) out of respect for the Governor of the Great State of Virginia.
  2. In addition to the anti-circle goggles and anti-circle monocle is the anti-circle spyglass (see below for example). Due to the convenience of the spyglass's use, the player using the spyglass must say aloud the word "El Capitan" or more simply "Captain."
  3. Electronic Circles (E-Circles) are strictly for the "lolz" and are not considered valid in real gameplay.


Anti-Circle Goggles

Anti-Circle Monocle

Anti-Circle Spyglass

"hook & pull" method

"...could you take a look at this proposal?"

"...here's the money I owe you."

"...hold up, I need to tie my shoe."

"Ouch! I hurt my knee!"

"Damn! I dropped my pen again!"

Let the games begin!